Introducing 360 APX


Mercury Racing is more than a name. The heat of competition warms our soul. Technology of the future excites our imagination. This passion defines the new Mercury Racing Apex Series, pure competition outboards designed to perform at the pinnacle of closed-course racing – the quickest, fastest, smartest four-stroke outboards to ever boil the water. There’s only one way to lead to the finish line. Wide Open, of course.

Mercury Racing General Manager, Stuart Halley, introduces the 360 APX – the first of the new Mercury Racing Apex Series of outboards designed for closed-course competition. 


An overdrive spur gearset between the crankshaft and the gearcase increases the input shaft speed to the gearcase and produces the left-hand propeller rotation desired for Formula 1 circuit racing.

360 APX Midsection exploded view

12-inch Midsection

The 12-inch midsection is designed specifically for Formula 1 tunnel boat applications, with a structural wet sump driveshaft housing and integrated power trim and lift with remote pumps.

360 APX Midsection cutaway view                 

SSM Gearcase

An evolved Mercury Racing Super Speed Master (IV SSM) outboard gearcase is direct-drive with no neutral or reverse shifting.

360 APX Gearcase cutaway, port view

A 4.6-liter V8 powerhead is naturally aspirated and features deep-breathing double overhead cam/four-valve architecture with a short-runner intake manifold mated to a cold-air induction system. An 11:1 compression ratio boosts torque output while the 7000 RPM redline extends the power curve. A dynamic oil pickup system is designed to maintain critical engine oil pressure under high-G loads.

A cut-down flywheel, deleted balance shaft and carbon fiber top cowl optimize weight. A competition engine calibration is optimized to take full advantage of 360 APX powerhead tuning. While bred for racing, this four-stroke powerhead is also designed to deliver unmatched durability and reduced maintenance in a competition environment.

A digital control offers smooth and precise throttle application. The 24-volt starter produces instant dockside starting in competition. Above-water exhaust offers unrestricted flow and produces an exciting tone for racing fans.

Powering Champions

F1H2O is the ‘flagship’ international series of single-seater inshore circuit powerboat racing. Highly competitive, intensely challenging, risky and entertaining, it is the ultimate adrenalin rush and regarded as one of the most spectacular and exciting sports in the world.

Mercury Racing has long supported the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM) and F1H20 racing. It has been many years since we have developed an outboard to support the series but the 360 APX signifies our return to circuit racing. We are proud to support the premier powerboat racers of the world.

Low Emissions

Historically, the F1 race teams have run two-stroke engines. With the introduction of the 360 APX, four-stroke outboards are the new power of choice. These engines offer 90% lower exhaust emissions –supporting the sustainability mission of F1 H2O.
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